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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Online Marketing best Practices

How to get the best SEO results for your Clients

On this blog post I am going to talk about the best practices of online marketing. Now it all depends on what type of client you have when you become their online marketing consultant. Currently I am a Gardnerville SEO and also a Google Partner. I have the abilities to do addwords, facebook, and Yahoo/bing search results adds. These come useful to clients that have these needs:

When the client has many visitors to his website and he has an online call to action. This call to action can be simply a lead page, or also can be a product. When dealing with E-commerce clients, it is best to have all of their products loaded into google so it can also appear in shopping adds.

Another great thing about being in the Carson Valley Area in Nevada is the use of Keywords for local searches. Some examples would be:
"Carson Valley ..."
"Genoa ....
"89410 ..."

All make great longer tail queries to try to capture online search traffic. Google will probably provide you with the most traffic, however their is also a chance that if you live in a older community; that you will see a lot of traffic from Yahoo. Yahoo uses the Bing search algorithm so it is not a big deal on which SEO techniques we can use for both of these large search Engines.

Lastly Google Webmaster tools will provide you the most valuable information on how to best analyse your search metrics and how to determine seo strategies based on this. As always they have a forum were you can ask questions about what is going on with the google search consul.